Our Staff

We have an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Our team is committed to providing you and your pet with the support needed.

2 Vet Ltd appreciates the important role much loved pets can play for the entire family.  As such we want to ensure we provide the best possible treatment.

Keith Evans-Jones

2 Vet's Keith Evens Jones

Keith Evans-Jones BSC MRCVS Qualified from Liverpool University in 1975. He worked in Large animal practice in West Wales (Aberaron)- you may notice the welsh accent to start with. He set up the Practice in Waterloo 34 years ago and has a loyal and growing client base. Keith loves his Irish Wolfhound and you can often see him transporting them in a big white van. The ‘wolfies’ as we call them are his pride and joy- he cannot wait to have a litter soon, so watch this space. Keith loves all animals and has a specific interest in eye problems- such as entropians and cherry eye. We have referrals from all over the northwest for advice on Caesareans and scanning for pups- coming from Bolton, Burnley and Manchester. Keith has interest in Rugby and following hs team the Ospreys and Wales. Keith also has a Motorbike.

Test him on his Spanish if you speak any!

Maxine Halsall

2 Vet's Maxine Halsall

Maxine has worked with 2 Vet Ltd since 2011 and is Degree educated and is a very proactive member of the team, ensuring that both our clients and their pets get the best customer service. Maxine has 6 Irish wolfhounds and 5 cats. Maxine shows one of the wolfhounds, called Mishka and got a 2nd place in Crufts last year Maxine has experience teaching and coaching students. Maxine is very caring and will always go that extra mile to ensure as a small business people get that friendly service. If you have any problems or concerns please ask to speak to her. Maxine has a real interest in medical issues with dogs and has taken part in surveys for Heart testing (wolfhound hear testing northwest held at our surgery each year) , Bloat, Liver shunt and will research and find information for you if required.

Laura Hemmings

2Vet's Laura Hemmings

Laura is a very experienced and valued member of the team. She is knowledgeable on all aspects of animal care and is very outgoing and friendly- giving practical advice on all aspects of medication, care, nutritional needs etc.

Laura has been in practice since 2006 and has spent all her time at 2 Vet Ltd. She has a young son Ethan, and currently works part time specialising in the operations room. She has 2 Dogs- a cocker spaniel called Hallie Berry and a Poodle called Dougal. She has a cat called Minnie. She has bred her own puppies and has great advice for any client who has an animal having a litter.

Chloe McNally

2Vet's Chloe McNally

Chloe has been with 2 Vet Ltd since June 2013. She quickly became an integral part of the team. She has worked in the pet industry for over 10 years since she was 15 years old. She has a wealth of advice on foods, pet accessories and all pet needs. Chloe is the calming influence in the team when things get busy and stressful, always cheering people up. Chloe has 2 Chihuahuas called Dudley and Minnie and is an expert on small breed dogs.